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Chongqing Yangkai Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.is founded in 2010 and specialized in the research, production and sales on the construction and industrial materials.

Our Main products and services include:

1)E glass and high silica glass fiber, basalt fiber and carbon fiber products and its down-stream products and composite products. The glass fiber products includes direct roving, assembled roving, yarns for industrial and electric applications, woven roving and fabrics, chop strand mat, surface tissue, mesh, texturized yarn and roving, needle mat and chop strand(for thermoset and thermoplastic applications)milled glass fiber products, AGM separators etc. Basalt fiber products include roving, chop strand, fabrics and mesh products, etc. Carbon fiber products include yarns, chop strand and fabrics etc. The composite materials include rebars, gratings, dust bins, various kinds of profiles.

2)Filtration materials and products. It includes various kinds of glass fiber filtrate paper (F and Hepa grade, laminated ones), wood pulp filter paper (tea and coffee filter paper), various kinds of non-woven tissue (used for face mask and others) and PP, PET filter paper.

3)The heat insulation materials include vacuum insulation panel (for building, refrigerator and chiller), VIP core materials, glass wool for Alkali glass, C and E glass), light mineral fiber acoustic ceiling tiles and others.

4Professional laminated glass interlayer film. It includes the EVA film, PVB film and H.K SGP film for which it widely used for construction, automobile, solar ,color, sound insulation and explosion-proof fields.

5)Other products and services include: manufacturing equipment, machines and parts for the above materials, the chemical sizing and sizing preparation technology for glass fiber and basalt fibers manufacturing, the raw materials and accessories for composite manufacturing such as epoxy and vinyl ester resin. The typical parts for the manufacturing facility include graphite roller, strand guide shoes, special plastic traverse, nylon hook etc.

The various kinds of industrial graphite materials and machined graphite parts are available as well.

We always adhere to the principle of FIRST grade product, first grade service and reputationto our customers and hope to establish the long term business ties with the customers in order to benefit both our customer and ourselves and for bright future.