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Mineral fiber soft sound panel

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Mineral fiber soft sound panel

It is made from natural minerals, calcined at high temperature and drawn into shape. The fiber is cooled, sieved, carded, mixed with cross-linked materials and supporting aggregates, and then closed, woven and finished by multiple processes such as subsequent molding, autoclaving, engraving, spraying, etc. board.

Product features
Fireproof, flame retardant, sound insulation, noise reduction, soft sound, moisture-proof, thermal insulation, decorative effect.

Fire performance

The soft sound panel is made of high quality mineral fiber, which has excellent fire performance and heat preservation performance. Non-combustible grade: A grade.

Environmental performance

The thermal resistance of soft sound panel is not less than 0.23 (㎡.K), which is the most ideal energy-saving ceiling material. Because the pure mineral fiber production technology with higher CMF is adopted, the measured thermal resistance value of the soft acoustic panel is all above 0.3, which has higher thermal resistance and better insulation effect.

Color: white
Application: meeting room, school, lobby.

Product features
1. Non - directional surface design, easy to install.
2. Base material: mineral fiber and special material synthesis, higher strength.
3. Surface coating: acrylic latex paint, resistant to scrubbing
The inverse luminosity is up to 0.86, effectively relieving visual fatigue.
4. High-quality materials provide good insulation effect, thus reducing energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction.

Technical Parameters

Materialwet synthetic mineral fiber
Unit weight360-380 kg/m3
Fire performanceA grade non-combustible
Acoustic PerformanceNoise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.5-0.7, Sound Insulation Level (CAC) 30-45
Optical performanceReflectance (LR) 0.85-0.9 
Environmental performance No formaldehyde, no asbestos, no waste newspaper, no perlite, A grade fire prevention 
Radionuclide limitsInternal exposure index IRa=0.2, external exposure index Iγ=0.2
Mineral cotton fiber content 80 ~ 85%, the product can be 100% recycled