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Vacuum Insulation Panels

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Vacuum Insulation Panels
CYK can provide different vacuum insulation panels for construction, refrigerator and other cold chain systems with the core materials of pure silica and glass fiber materials. The heat resistance ranges from 2 mk/s to 8 mk/s. The Thickness of VIP panel is from 8mm to 40mm and the product size is from 300*300MM to 1200* 600MM. The other product sizes could be available after the discussion.
Our specialty and advantages
1) Excellent heat resistance
2) Fast production and shipment availability
3) Stable quality
Product Characteristics
Product items
Heat resistance (mw/ks)
Special notes
Cold chain products with glass fiber core materials
For special application, the heat resistance can be achieved lower value
Construction products with glass fiber core materials

VIP with pure silica
With lower break bounce factor