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Fibre Glast develops paint for composites

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Fibre Glast develops paint for composites
* : * : christine * : 2017-03-30 17:30:18 * : 408
Fibre Glast Developments Corp. (Brookville, OH, US) has partnered with PPG Industries to launch the ChromaGlast line of paint and coating products, created for use with fiberglass, carbon fiber, sheet molding compound (SMC) and other composite materials. Unlike gel coat, which is formulated to be molded into the composite polyester part, ChromaGlast paint will bond to epoxy systems and is reportedly ideal for repair or refinishing composite parts as well as original construction. In addition to cured composite substrates, this system can be used with metals like steel and aluminum. More than 250 single-stage, high-gloss colors are available at launch. Another 50, including base and clear coat, will be available May 2017. A full range of solid and metallic OEM and customer-specific colors will be available by January 2018. The company is also offering ChromaGlast Gray Epoxy, a primer sealer used to prepare clean composite or metal substrates prior to applying ChromaGlast paint, and ChromaGlast High Solids Primer Surfacer/Sealer, a dual-purpose undercoating system that adds the ability to be used as a sandable primer surfacer to smooth rough finishes and mixed materials, and can also be used as a premium pigmented primer sealer on ready-to-coat finishes.